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Moving and Downsizing

Downsizing - Moving Storage

Are you moving or downsizing and don’t know where to start?

Kathy McEwan has the answers! Kathy has moved more than 10 times in her adulthood. She knows the most efficient and cost effective methods of moving. She can help you with putting a weekly action plan together, decluttering, selling or donating your unwanted items. Kathy also can help with packing and getting everything organized so you have a stress free move. At Second Set of hands, we have a list of reliable real estate agents, lawyers, painters, auctioneers, estate sales agents etc., to help you with your move. Once you are moved into your new home, Kathy can help with the unpacking and getting your new home organized.

Moving Packages

Pack Me Up!

Are you moving in the near future and feeling overwhelmed? Do you have a busy schedule, are you a senior, or do you have mobility issues and would like help getting organized, or help with your move? If so, this package is for you!
– We will provide you with an itemized moving plan to meet your goals
– Declutter, organize, maximize your living space and get your home ready for the real estate market
– Pack up your belongings so you don’t have to!
– Recommend reliable lawyers, realtors, mortgage brokers, moving companies, painters, auctioneers, etc.
– Follow up call will be included to see how your moving experience is going

Unpack for Success!

Are you all moved in but don’t know where to start? Are you busy or don’t have the energy to unpack and get settled? If so, this package is for you!
– We will unpack your belongings, break down moving boxes, and organize your home so you can feel refreshed and relaxed
– Yes, even your kitchen will be organized and ready for you to have that cup of coffee and hot meal, your beds will be made, curtains hung, pictures put on walls, and all boxes unpacked.
– If needed, we will provide organizing tips on how to stay organized
– Follow up call will be included to see how you are settling in your new home

Long Distance Moves – We got you covered!

– Moving to another city and don’t have time to do all the work to get you there?
– We will arrange the movers for moving day, declutter and organize your home for a quicker sale, pack up your belongings, and depending on location, recommend an professional organizer and their team to unpack and organize your items at your new home.
– All you have to do is walk in to your new home and it will be ready for you. How great is that?

Senior Packages

Second Set of Hands offers Home Organization, decluttering, downsizing, packing, unpacking, organizing the new home and more. Please contact us so we can discuss a package that can be designed to meet your needs.

If you need help with moving or downsizing, contact Kathy!

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