gift box for mom

Are you struggling with  gift ideas for mom this Mother’s Day?

Living in a time of a pandemic has made it difficult for some of us to celebrate with our moms the way we would have pre-pandemic, but it has also forced us to think outside the box.

If anything, what this last year has taught us is that it’s less about the material things, and more about the moments and experiences that we have with one another that really matter.

The following gifts won’t take up space on a shelf and they may help you connect with your mom this Mother’s Day and give her an experience she will treasure for years to come.


Gift For Mom- flowers


You may be thinking “But I give her flowers every year, what great experience is that?” Well a study out of Rutgers University shows that “flowers are a powerful positive emotion “inducer”; more specifically, their findings revealed that flowers made people smile instantaneously, impacted their mood in a positive way lasting up to 3 days later. It also revealed that people who received flowers were less depressed, had improved memory and felt a closer connection to friends and family. Not to mention the smell of flowers in a room can turn on powerful positive responses, and can brighten up a room and make you feel happy. So this Mother’s Day, flowers may be exactly what Mom needs to bring her spirits up and more.


Date Night For Mom

Let everyone take the night off from making dinner and treat mom to a Meal planning service or Uber Eats gift card. Tip: To make it extra special, send over some candles and a USB of her favourite songs so she can relax and enjoy her special night even more.


Online Yoga Class Or Fitness Class

Help her stay active with an online class that both of you can join from your own home.


Gift idea for Mom

Online Cooking Classes

If Mom enjoys cooking, why not have her learn from the best like a Masterclass with Chef Gordan Ramsey or Wolfgang Puck? Tip: To make it extra special, take the class as well and zoom with one another while you make the dish together.


Digital Training Course

If she’s been talking about something she’s always wanted to try, why not set her up with a class or course. Examples could be a writing course, a knitting course, a crafting course, or our very own Calm the Clutter home organization course that you can access HERE.


Charitable Donation On Her Behalf

The gift of giving makes us feel good. A study out of Harvard Business School found that giving released endorphins in the brain that make us feel happy- even more so than when we give to ourselves. Studies also show that people who give regularly have increased health benefits such as lowered blood pressure reducing the risk of chronic diseases associated with high blood pressure.


Gift idea for mom

Yearly Meditation Subscription

Gift her a subscription app like headspace or insight timer. Studies show that calming the mind increases creativity, self-awareness, patience and tolerance and an ability to remain more focused on the present moment.


You might not be able to do a lot of the following activities with your mom on Mother’s Day, but the anticipation of these events and something to look forward to, might be just as important to her.


Did you know that the anticipation of an experience induces greater happiness, more pleasantness, excitement, and less impatience than that of the anticipation of material possessions? Anticipation also improves coping mechanisms and faster recovery from stressful situations. 


A Some Day Soon Package

She may not be able to enjoy these activities today, but someday soon she may. Inside, you can include bowling gift cards, movie theatre tickets, museum tickets, festival tickets, tickets to a play, or tickets to a concert that you will purchase for her in the future. Tip: Include popcorn to match the theme or a book of Shakespearean plays to set the mood.


Happy Mother's Day

Just For You Mom Gift Box

Make it all about her. A day to herself where she can do whatever she wants. Include a Visa gift card so she can use it wherever she wants, and however she wants. Other gift ideas for mom may include a mani/Pedi, massage, shopping at her favourite book store, or perhaps driving to her best friend’s place whom she hasn’t seen in over a year.


A You & Me Special Day Gift Box

A day of bonding with you and your mom. Include a restaurant gift card, a spa gift card, wine tasting coupon and a Uber gift card so you and Mom can be ushered around for the day.


Let us know if these gift ideas for Mom helped you celebrate you Mom this Mother’s Day by sharing in the comments.

To all the mom’s -Happy Mother’s Day, we hope you have a wonderful day!




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