I have the best Christmas Storage products and they really help me become organized for Christmas. Having Christmas storage products makes it easier to find the items and they also protect fragile items from getting broken.

The following are a few of my favourite Christmas storage products:

1. Wreath storage container – I love this container because my wreath fits in it perfectly and it helps protect fragile items on the wreath from getting damaged. This is best to be stored up high on a shelf and although it helps to protect the wreath from damaging, I don’t store anything heavy on top of it.


2. Ornament Storage Container – This particular ornament storage container is my favourite because it is adjustable. It has adjustable dividers so you can put both large and small ornaments in it. I also like that it is made of plastic so you have a better chance of the ornaments not breaking. Also, I like that it has a see through lid so you can see the ornaments without having to open it.


3. Gift bag organizer – I love this product because it is so handy. It is a gift bag organizer but I don’t just put bags in it. I keep everything in it that I need to use to wrap a gift with the exception of wrapping paper. I love keeping my tissue paper, tape, scissors, bows and anything else I may need inside this one organizer. Another good feature about this organizer is that it is double sided, so you can keep twice as many products in this one organizer.


4. Clear plastic bins – are great for holding larger Christmas items, such as garland, candles or Christmas décor. Don’t forget to label each container by listing what is inside.


5. Wrapping paper storage container – I haven’t been able to find a picture of the one that I use, but this one below is very similar. The only major difference is the price so it may be a stronger container. I paid less than $10 for mine and bought it at The Christmas Tree Shop in Watertown.


I wasn’t able to find the same one that I bought at the Christmas Tree Shop, but they do carry the following one that may be just as useful.

Christmas Tree Shops

Using Christmas storage containers is one way that has helped me be organized for Christmas. I would love to hear which product you like best, and what Christmas storage ideas you use.

Have a wonderful holiday and all the best for the New Year xxoo
Kathy xxoo

Kathy McEwan is a Certified Professional Organizer and Owner of Second Set of Hands

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