Tips for Buying and Selling Your Home

5 Organizing Tips When Selling Your Home!

1. Start Early.

Give yourself plenty of time to find a reputable real estate agent, lawyer, mortgage broker, professional organizer, painter etc.

2. Declutter at least 3 months before you plan on moving.

Start with one area or room and decide what you want to keep, donate, sell etc. Let go of what you do not need and want. When one area is complete, move on to the next. This is an important step because you will not want to take the time to pack and unpack stuff you don’t want, also you won’t want to pay movers to move stuff that you don’t want or need. If you find this step overwhelming, then reach out to a professional organizer to help you.

3. Don’t wait until your home is sold to start packing.

Pack up items you will not need while your home is up for sale. Label boxes and put a red sticker or a different colour moving tape on all boxes to let you know that these items are not as important to unpack right away. After you pack them up, put them away in an area that will be out of the way, such as your basement or garage. These items may include off season items such as seasonal clothes or holiday items.

4. Use a planner.

Either electronic or hard copy and start keeping track of all your appointments that you will be having ex. mortgage broker, lawyer etc. Also, keep track of all the business cards/phone numbers and receipts of lawyers, real estate agents, handy man etc. and keep them all in one place ex. a binder.

5. Book Movers and buy packing supplies.

This should be done 6 to 8 weeks before moving day. Order boxes, bubble wrap, paper, tape, and specialty boxes such picture boxes. If you don’t have the time to get supplies or pack, feel free to reach out to us for help. We would love do all the work for you, so you can focus on other important tasks that need to be done.

5 Organizing Tips When Buying a Home

1. Mortgage

Visit your mortgage broker right away to discuss your needs. Once you know how much your budget allows, it will give you a better understanding on what your target market will be.

2. Real Estate Agent

Make a list of your top “wants” for your new home and pass it on to your Agent.

3. Take measurements.

Check room dimensions of your new home. Take measurements of furniture, pictures, mirrors, bedframes etc. and make sure larger furniture will fit through the door and fit in the assigned rooms. Draw a floor plan!

4. Change of Address.

After you have bought your dream home and a month before your move, don’t forget to change your address at the post-office.

5. Notify.

Notify your doctor/dentist office, children’s school, employer’s human resource department, banks, brokerage firms, magazines and newspapers, credit card, insurance, telephone, cable and utility companies of your change of address . Don’t forget to change your driver’s license and update your health card too!

If you are moving and would like more tips or help with decluttering, packing or unpacking your home, please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to help.

Kathy McEwan

Professional organizer, moving specialist and owner of Second Set of Hands

Kathy McEwan, Professional Organizer