It was a family members birthday recently (my one and only sibling), and at the very last minute, I found myself without a birthday card for her. It was then that I realized that I better practice what I preach. Although I did have some cards on hand, they were not organized and therefore I was left scrambling at the last minute. Well I am glad to say I shouldn’t have that problem anymore! Yippee!

I went shopping and bought myself a cute decorative box. Luckily, I brought a greeting card with me to measure because buying a box that was the right size was actually harder than I thought.

Greeting Cards Box


I added a oval shaped sticker and the words Greeting Cards using sticker lettering.

Greeting Cards 2


I added a sunflower for colour, but you can add any decorations you like, or keep it simple with just the Greeting Cards label

Greeting Cards 3


I bought a large assortment of greeting cards and separated them with labels. The labels were made using card stock and stickers. I placed plastic behind the stickers for added durability. By the way, I was pressed for time, so I did not use my printer to print off labels which may have looked nicer than the hand written versions. However, our cards should be hand written and not signature stamped, so I guess there is nothing wrong with hand writing the labels as well. Some might say it looks more personable.

As you can see, the above picture shows two different styles of labels. I am sure you can find other styles as well. I chose the one on the left, however, I am not sure why as I usually go for the more simple or modern look.

Greeting Cards 4


I am now ready for the next time I will be needing a greeting card. Does it ever feel good to be this organized!

You too can be this organized. Take an afternoon one day and make one!

If you would like one of these boxes but don’t think you have the time to make one, then feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to make one for you. They would make a perfect birthday gift, a gift for a senior citizen, or anyone else that has a hard time getting out to a store to buy greeting cards.

Bye for now,

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