Happy Thanksgiving

I can’t believe that the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is almost here! This often means hosting friends and family, something I do to celebrate Thanksgiving and my son’s birthday. Are you hosting a Thanksgiving dinner? We have some great tips to help you organize and prepare for your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Some of us are natural hosts who enjoy the hustle of preparing our homes for guests. Some feel anxious and overwhelmed and struggle to take one step at a time, in order to feel relaxed enough to enjoy the time together.

Here are 10 easy tips to help you get organized and host your Thanksgiving dinner:

  1. Check your entertaining inventory. Make sure you have enough dishes, cutlery, napkins, and glassware for all of your guests. Are your dishes in good shape or do you need to replace some? Do any dishes need to serve double-duty? For example, will the same plates be used for salad and dessert?
  2. Host a cooperative dinner. Assign your guests a dish to bring and how many people it needs to feed. Make sure to clear space in the fridge and keep the oven/stove ready for storing/heating these dishes.
  3. Create a grocery list and add things like spices, condiments, baking ingredients and of course the turkey and vegetables. Keep your list on the kitchen counter and add items to it as you think of them.
  4. Check your Thanksgiving/Autumn décor collection. Do you need to pick up any new candles, napkins, decorative pumpkins or flowers to help set the mood?
  5. Thaw your turkey and allow one day in the fridge for each 4lbs of weight. It can take a week or longer for large turkeys to defrost so be sure you take your turkey out early enough to thaw.
  6. Prepare food dishes ahead of time. If a dish can go in the freezer prepare it a week in advance and freeze it. Otherwise prepare as many dishes as you can a day or two ahead and keep them in the fridge. This way you are re-heating food instead of cooking when your guests arrive.
  7. Set your table a few days in advance to save time. You can do this if you don’t use your dining room on a daily basis. Place labels in the center of the table for serving dishes to make sure there is enough room for everything.
  8. Tidy and decorate additional guest spaces including the entry way, powder room, guest bedroom and family/living room. Make your guests feel welcome by placing scented candles, decorative hand soaps and towels in these spaces. Consider also adding some fresh flowers.
  9. Ask your guests for help. Family and friends like to contribute, so assign a person to pour drinks, light candles, serve dessert and make it a collaborative effort!
  10. BONUS: Have fun!

I hope these tips help you prepare for your dinner and allow you to relax and enjoy time with your guests.

My team and I wish you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend!


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Kathy McEwan is a professional organizer and productivity expert who specializes in helping her clients go from overwhelmed to organized. Be sure to pop onto her sister website kathymcewan.com and let her know how she can help you get organized and have a productive life with less stress.