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Do you ever open your closet and think “I have nothing to wear!” even though there is no shortage of clothing, shoes and accessories?  It’s easy for us to let our bedroom closet get out of control and filled to the point of bursting. When our closet is unorganized and cluttered we tend to always reach for the same clothes week in and week out, and feel like we never have anything to wear. Here are a few simple, budget-friendly ideas to help you sort through the clutter, get organized and break out of the “nothing to wear” cycle!

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1. Play dress up!

Take some time to play dress up in your own closet. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all in one day. Schedule time in your calendar and try on every item including all of your accessories (shoes, belts, scarves & jewelry). Ok well almost everything. If there is something that you wear on a regular basis, and you know you love it, then just put it in your “keep” pile. But there will some items that you haven’t worn in awhile. If the item fits and you love it, hang it back up (see tip 3 & 4 before hanging items back up). Anything that doesn’t fit or that you don’t love, place in a donate bag and move on to the next item. If you love an item but it needs repairs or alterations, put it in a bag and arrange to take it to a tailor or seamstress. Put your donation and repair bags into your car right away so that they are out of your closet and you don’t forget to drop them off.

Closet organizing - play dress up

2. Move out of season clothes

If you are lacking space in your closet, remove out of season items to instantly declutter and create more space. Use under the bed storage bins (like this one from Canadian Tire). If you have luggage you’re not using, it’s another great out-of-sight storage space for these items. Also, if you are in need of purchasing a new bed, you can now buy beds that have under the bed storage. If you don’t have a separate space to store your out of season clothing, then we suggest you put all the items together at one end of your closet so that they are not mixed in with your current season’s clothes.

Under the bed storage bin

3. Sort by category and colour

We hate to state the obvious, but doing this will go a long way to making your closet an organized space. Hang your dresses together, pants together, shirts together etc. It will save time each day and will make it so much easier to find your favourite shirts or jeans. If you want to take it up a level – organize each type of clothing by colour within its category.

Organize your closet - sort by category & colour

4. Turn your hangers around

You’ve put in all the work to sort through your clothing, and kept the things you love. Now let’s make sure you wear them! Turn all of your clothes hangers backwards. After you wear an item hang it back the right way. Try to make yourself select clothes each day from a hanger that hasn’t been turned around yet. After some time has passed (we recommend 12 months), if your hanger is still turned backwards, it’s time to donate the clothing item.

Turn your hangers around

5. Don’t forget the shoes, purses & accessories

These items are sometimes the hardest to store but there are some great options available that will make it a breeze. There are so many ways to store shoes, in fact so many that we wrote an entire blog post about it here. Organize purses by colour and then by size on a shelf or an over the door organizer. For higher end purses and shoes, you can use nice cloth bags or boxes to help protect them. Use an organizer for belts, ties, and scarves that can hang from the door, a hook or from your closet rod. Keep necklaces from getting tangled by hanging them either in a jewelry armoire, a jewelry tree like this one from Umbra – available on Amazon or by using a hanging jewelery organizer that can hang in your closet.  Rings and earrings can be stored in jewelry trays, an armoire, or in a hanging jewelry organizer.

Stay organized with a jewelry tree

6. Custom Closets

Having custom closets built can help make being organized that much easier.  Closets can be tailored to your specific needs and the cost of custom closets can be based on your budget and the quality of workmanship. I recently installed a new closet system in my walk-in closet and I bought it from Home Depot. You can see part of the closet installation below.


Below you will see before and after photos of a closet that was designed by decorator Natalie Cox from Natalie Cox Design and CPI Interiors. What a transformation! For more of Natalie Cox’s interior decorating photos, click here.



7. Let us organize for you!

Don’t have time or the energy to tackle this organizing job? We love to organize and can help you with this project. Our organizers can help you sort through the clutter and get organized. We can set up your closet in an easy to maintain way that will help you get the most out of your wardrobe. We can even take your donation pile to a local charity when we leave! Contact us at 613-899-4590 for a consult.

Hire us to organize your closet

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