Episode 39: 7 Life Changing Tips When You're Overwhelmed with Laundry




Are you overwhelmed with laundry? Do you struggle to keep up with it? Do you have piles of laundry to do or piles of clean clothes that are not put away?

A common problem that I hear from a lot of people is that they feel overwhelmed by laundry.

I get it! It’s the never ending pile of clothes that just keeps getting bigger; it’s clean clothes mixed in with dirty clothes, and it’s too many clothes.

On this week’s episode I provide 7 life changing tips ( plus one bonus tip) to help you with laundry overwhelm. If you follow these 7 simple tips, you will not have to struggle with keeping up with your laundry again.

Here’s a sneak peak

I’ll cover topics such as how to delegate laundry to other family members, even kids; how to lower the amount of clothes in the laundry; how to make laundry “fun”; and how to create a schedule and a routine for you and your family to follow so you’re not spending all day Saturday in the laundry room.

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