Episode 21: A Journey from Addiction, Clutter & PTSD To Motivational Speaker

A journey from PTSD, Clutter, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and so much more, to living a clean and productive life and giving back to others. That is what this episode is all about. I had the absolute pleasure speaking with #thecomebackcoach, Richard Kaufman discussing his journey to where he was to how far he has come. You will not believe what he has gone through. It is a miracle that he is alive, let alone doing as well as he is. His mission is to help others who have addiction, PTSD etc. so they too can have a productive and healthy life.  

In this episode we talk about:  

  • Being an alcoholic at a very young age 
  • Living in a dysfunctional home environment 
  • Living with a hoarder 
  • Drug Addiction 
  • PTSD 
  • Joining the Military  
  • Being kicked out of the Military  
  • Having Clutter 
  • Being injured 
  • PLUS So much more!  

About our Guest – Richard Kaufman 

Richard is a motivational speaker and author (#thecomebackcoach), dedicated to helping others by sharing his story of how he suffered with addiction, trauma and PTSD, to now living a successful and productive life. You can find Richard speaking in schools, rehabilitation centers, prisons and on national stages.   

About Kathy McEwan

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