Episode 34: Dealing with Trauma with Acclaimed Filmmaker Eric Christiansen

From dealing with trauma to acclaimed filmmaker! Wow, what a privilege it was speaking with 7 time Emmy winner and filmmaker Eric Christiansen about trauma and hope.


  • The stigma of mental heath
  • How Eric believes mental health conditions can contribute to having a lot of clutter
  • What the lasting impact of a pandemic has on our mental health
  • unMASKing HOPE
  • How to become organized
  • Plus more!

About our Guest – Eric Christiansen

With over twenty years of experience, Eric and his company, EC Productions are successful in both the documentary and commercial worlds. Eric is a Seven-time Southwestern Region Emmy Award Recipient and dedicates his time to creating films based on dealing with trauma and helping others. Eric rose from the ashes of his own trauma to make a career chronicling survivors of devastating life events with a focus on their resilience in the face of adversity and their ability to find the hope again to heal.

About Kathy McEwan

Kathy McEwan, BA. Sociology, and certified professional organizer, is the CEO of Second Set of Hands, a home and office organizing business located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She started her business as a solopreneur and now has an amazing team of organizers who help busy professionals, and/or those who struggle with having too much clutter. Kathy also works one on one virtually with clients to help them become more organized. Her passion is to help those who are feeling overwhelmed, become less stressed, more productive and have a more simplified life.


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