Episode 01: Learning to Let Go!

Learning to Let Go!   

Have you ever tried to get organized but you struggle with letting things go?  Do you need help learning to let go?

In this episode, (my very first one), I start off sharing why I decided to start a home organizing business, how my business changed over time, and what it looks like today.  

I also share why we have such a hard time letting things go. There are 7 main reasons why we keep too much stuff.

Want to know when is it ok to keep your items and when is it better to let them go? I answer those questions plus more.     

If you struggle with letting things go, you are not alone. It is a very common struggle that many people face.  

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About Kathy McEwan 
Kathy McEwan, BA. Sociology, is the CEO of Second Set of Hands, a home and office organizing business located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She started her business as a solopreneur and now has an amazing team of organizers who help busy professionals, and/or those who struggle with having too much clutter. Our passion is to help those who are feeling overwhelmed, become less stressed, more productive and simplify their lives. Check out our organizing and moving packages at https://www.secondsetofhands.ca  

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