Episode 17: How Meditation Can Help You Become Less Stressed

Meditation can help you become less stressed!

Are there times that you feel really stressed out? I bet you do, right?  We all do. Perhaps you are stressed because you walk into a home that has clutter and you would rather have a home that is organized. Or you could feel stressed because you can never find your items or are late for appointments. Or you are really busy and can’t keep up with demands that you are facing. You could be a busy professional and work is really demanding and/or a busy mom or dad that is spending a lot of time driving your kids to activities or appointments, or helping them with their homework. Or you could be a busy entrepreneur and believe me when I say, I know how stressful running a business can be. Know that you are not alone.  

So what do you do to help reduce your stress level?  

One way of reducing stress is by meditating. I have to admit, I do not meditate and don’t know much about meditating, but wanted to learn more about it and that is why I invited meditation educator Jen Johannsen as a guest this week so we could discuss the benefits of meditating and the different types of meditation. I had no idea there were 8 types! We also discuss Colour Calm which is kind of cool!  

Jen is super sweet and knows her stuff when it comes to meditation. She was first introduced to the benefits of meditation as a school psychologist. So let’s dive right in and get started.   

About our Guest: 

Jen Johannsen is a School Psychologist turned Meditation Educator! She used to think meditation was annoying and that sitting and doing “nothing” does not change anything. Not anymore. After 7 years of psychological education, 12 years as a school psychologist, hundreds of hours in certified meditation teacher training, and years of personal meditation trial and error, she has now developed Jen’s School of Calm Course that allows others to decrease their stress and increase their happy with simple, step-by-step, non-weird meditation. 

About Kathy McEwan 

Kathy McEwan, BA. Sociology, Certified Professional Organizer and the CEO of Second Set of Hands, a home and office organizing business located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She started her business as a solopreneur and now has an amazing team of organizers who help busy professionals, and/or those who struggle with having too much clutter. Kathy also loves working with clients who are moving and need help with getting their home ready for sale, packing and unpacking. Her passion is to help those who are feeling overwhelmed (both locally and virtually), become less stressed, more productive and have a more simplified life.  



To learn more about Kathy’s coaching programs contact Kathy at kathy@secondsetofhands.ca or visit https://www.kathymcewan.com  

 Jen Johannsen’s website - https://www.jenjohannsen.com/ 

Jen’s Matchmaker Quiz – https://www.jenjohannsen.com/jjmeditationmatchmaker 

Jen’s Color Calm – https://www.jenjohannsen.com/colorcalm 

Jen’s School of Calm Course – https://www.jenjohannsen.com/schoolofcalm 

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