Episode 24: Increase Productivity And Decrease Stress

Show Notes  

Want to increase productivity and decrease stress? If so, check out my conversation with community curator, speaker and author Katie Jefcoat. We discuss tips on being more productive and the importance of knowing what your priorities are. Katie provides valuable information on: 


Intentional Margins 

Creating harmony between your to do’s and your priorities  

Feeling guilty about doing things for ourselves 

Lack of sleep because our head is spinning 

Brain dumps  

Negotiables vs non-negotiables 

Balancing family needs and our needs 

Achieving harmony vs balance   

Randomness vs overwhelm  

Plus more!  


About our Guest – Katie Jefcoat 


Katie Jefcoat is a community curator, speaker and author.  She supports ambitious women in moving from feeling hectic to harmonious because she fundamentally believes we deserve to make time for our priorities.  We deserve to live a life of harmony and it’s within our control to create it. You can find her in the Intentional Margins Membership Community — which she calls the coziest virtual coffee shop (on Facebook). 


About Kathy McEwan 


Kathy McEwan, BA. Sociology, and certified professional organizer, is the CEO of Second Set of Hands, a home and office organizing business located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She started her business as a solopreneur and now has an amazing team of organizers who help busy professionals, and/or those who struggle with having too much clutter. Kathy also works one on one virtually with clients to help them become more organized. Her passion is to help those who are feeling overwhelmed, become less stressed, more productive and have a more simplified life.  


Follow Kathy on Instagram @kathyorganizes

My Favourite Organizing Products : https://www.secondsetofhands.ca/products

For more information on Kathy McEwanhttps://www.kathymcewan.com

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