Organize For Success

The Organizing for Success Podcast, is hosted by Kathy McEwan, CPO and Second Set of Hands CEO. Kathy is a Certified Professional Organizer, and owner of a professional home and office organizing business, and her goal is to help as many people as she can go from feeling overwhelmed to being organized. Kathy interviews experts in various fields which will help you become more organized in all area s of your life.

Organizing for a Move Part 1Second Set of Hands

Organizing for a Move - Part 1

  Have you ever felt overwhelmed when getting ready to move? I know I have. I have moved 11 times and know first-hand how overwhelming moving can be. This episode is part one of a two part Organizing for a Move series. In this episode…
Learning to Let GoSecond Set of Hands

Episode 1 – Learning to Let Go!

Episode 1 – Learning to Let Go!    Have you ever tried to get organized but you struggle with letting things go?  Do you need help learning to let go? In this episode, (my very first one), I start off sharing why…
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